Green Project Maintenance

Proper maintenance of the garden

Garden maintenance, because it is not an easy task, must be done by people with special knowledge, who will provide the plants with the necessary care in order to ensure their healthy growth. They will also undertake careful management of irrigation water in order to achieve maximum economy.

Specialized workshops

Our specialized workshops visit your space at regular intervals, carrying out all the necessary work for the maintenance of your garden.

The main tasks of the conservator are the following:


LAWN WORKS: includes all tasks such as: mowing, ventilation, clearing, storage, lubrication, disease control,

PRUNING landscaping of garden plants by specialized personnel

SPRAY of all plants and grass to control diseases that may occur and / or preventive if necessary. Spray to control weeds. Responsible for the spray is an agronomist of our company and will always be guided by the good health and vigor of the plants but also the respect for the environment.

LUBRICATION. Use of fertilizers, complex with trace elements, suitable for the type of plants, but also the season of use.

CLEANING the whole area from maintenance by-products such as leaves, branches, waste, etc.

IRRIGATION SYSTEM CONTROL and computer programming for proper water management according to the needs of the plants and the lawn according to the season and the rainfall.

At the end of the visit of our workshop you will be given a visit form with date and time of visit so that you can be sure that our agreement is observed.

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Green Maintenance

Garden maintenance, because it is not an easy task, it is necessary to be done by people with special knowledge

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