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Fasoulakis Brotthers G.P.

The company is active in the construction and maintenance of urban and suburban green in private and public projects.

It deals mainly with large structures of natural landscape and with the development of greenery in infrastructure projects, in the supply of plants as well as in the field of disinfestation and rodenticide.

Δραστηριότητες της εταιρίας Αφοί Φασουλάκη Ο.Ε.
What we offer
Προσφέρουμε έργα πρασίνου

Green Project Contstruction

The thorough scientific training of the management and the mechanical equipment it has cover the whole range of the requirements of the construction and maintenance works of green projects.

Προσφέρουμε εμπορία φυτών

Plant Trade

The thorough scientific training of the management and the specialization in the field, enable the company to cover every need related to the marketing of plants.

Mega Απολυμαντική Φασουλάκης


MEGA HYGEOMONIKI, specialized in the field of Disinfestations and Rodenticides in Heraklion, Crete, can responsibly and consistently intervene and fight insects and rodents

We offer our services to

The company has the ability to serve any landscape design project, small or large!

Completed Projects

The perfect structure of the company ensures a high level of quality in its projects..

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Εργασίες πρασίνου περιβάλλοντος χώρου

Landscaping of a private home.

Κλάδεμα ψηλών δεντρων

Its mechanical equipment covers the full range of requirements for the construction and maintenance of green projects.

Εμπορία φυτών

Supply of plants, irrigation materials, and garden ornaments.