Plant Residues Management

Plant residue management

Responding to the modern environmental challenges for the utilization of waste, the company in recent years has been successfully active in the field of composting the decomposed plant biomass of green works.


Having secured a special license from the Region of Crete and Having the appropriate equipment and know-how produces compost material from the organic green waste produced


Compost is an ideal soil conditioner, regulates pH, enhances water retention capacity and fights erosion. There are no chemical additives in the composting products. The compost produced is used in horticulture, arboriculture and floriculture, when it meets the standards of high quality, in the restoration and landscaping, in sports and recreation areas.

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Green Project Study

The design of a garden is governed by simple principles acquired after centuries of observing nature and applied for centuries.

Green Construction

The company has specialized staff and has developed a comprehensive service system

Green Maintenance

Garden maintenance, because it is not an easy task, it is necessary to be done by people with special knowledge

Water management

With a view to saving water and good plant health, irrigation networks are being constructed that can cope with even the most demanding green projects.

Pruning Tall Trees

Possibility for pruning and cutting of trees with high height, which are considered dangerous either in factory buildings, in houses, private spaces,

Plant Residue Management

Responding to modern environmental challenges, the company is successfully active in the field of composting of decomposed plant biomass of green works.